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10 Malaysian Instagram Art Accounts You Should Follow

From portraits to doodles to food illustrations, these homegrown creative talents have so much to offer!

By Hany Hidayah Azmi Published on 11 August 2021

Tired of seeing the same old faces on Instagram? Itching to find more amazing art to flood your timeline? #ArtistsOnInstagram showcases the wide variety of talent that comes from Malaysia. With all the vastly different styles, you’re bound to find something that suits your taste! In no particular order, here are 10 Malaysian artists that deserve your attention: 

1. @khudeejuh 

jiran JiranMMU 1 khudeejuh

Khadijah Khatib is a freelance artist whose stunning digital portraits grace her Instagram account. The rendering and lighting in her works show mastery of her medium. The semi-realistic style she typically uses is very appealing and easily recognisable. All in all, this one is definitely a must-follow for all art lovers out there! 

2. @feigiap 

jiran JiranMMU 2 feigiap

Chong Fei Giap is the co-founder and creative director of Loka Made. His art showcases the beautiful traditional and recognisably local architecture occasionally with some elements of fantasy. These pieces often include high school students in school uniforms walking around in elaborately painted environments. His paintings will no doubt evoke a sense of nostalgia for anyone who grew up in Malaysia! 

3. @dorito_meatbag

jiran JiranMMU 3 dorito meatbag

This 19-year-old artist on Instagram frequently posts fan art of games, anime and also original character content. Along with fully coloured and rendered art pieces, they also post sketches and doodles. If you like beautifully drawn muscular men, chances are you would like this artist’s page. 

4. @xanseviera

jiran JiranMMU 4 xanseviera

Haryati Mohd Ehsan is a local comic artist and illustrator, one of her comics being Kisah Zulaikha. On the account, you will be able to find work in progress for her ongoing comics along with original illustrations. The charming manga-inspired style is bound to be appealing to fans of the genre. 

5. @le_delicatessen

jiran JiranMMU 5 le delicatessen

If you’re hungry for some Studio Ghibli levels of food art, give @le_delicatessen a follow! Your mouth will water when looking through these beautiful food illustrations. This artist has definitely mastered the art of making food look so delicious you can almost smell it through the screen. 

6. @az_hanza

jiran JiranMMU 6 az hanza

@az_hanza is the creator of a comic on WEBTOON called My Deepest Secret. A lot of the artwork featured on the Instagram page is of the characters in the webcomic. Occasionally there are also posts of memes regarding the series and shout-outs to fan art of the characters that were made by other artists. If you’re a fan of thrillers, definitely give the webcomic a read. 

7. @art_of_silverfox

jiran JiranMMU 7 art of silverfox

Yee Chong’s artwork features these adorable furballs that will surely make you smile! His rendering of fur makes them look incredibly soft and you can’t help but want to pet them. Many of these paintings are expertly composited into photos and they look real enough to touch! 

8. @sugarmiki_

jiran JiranMMU 8 sugarmiki

This Instagram account is filled with chibi style drawings and merchandise of anime, most notably Demon Slayer. They have many cute charms, pins, badges and keychains available. The cute art style only makes the characters look even more lovable! 

9. @gummyisgummy

jiran JiranMMU 9 gummyisgummy

If you like pretty colours with plants and flowers, this is the account for you. Most of the designs are of beautifully drawn boys with some element of flora to them. The choice of colours gives a very soft and serene aura to this artist’s account. 

10. @khaizusan

jiran JiranMMU 10 khaizusan

With clean line art and muted pastel colours, this artist’s works have an air of elegance to them and make you feel like you’re being transported into a fairy-tale world. Very pleasing to look at. You should absolutely check out them out if you are a fan of otome games or shoujo manga. 

About the author 

Hany Hidayah Azmi was a student in the Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University when this article was written. 

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