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5 Surprisingly Good Habits That Can Enrich Your Life

Simple steps can make a big difference! Here are some things you should start doing to create success and happiness

Published on 13 April 2022

We tend to underestimate the power of making small improvements. There’s no need to embark on drastic changes and complete single actions to achieve an enriched life. Time to shift gears and build habits that focus on systems and processes rather than goals. Ready to make remarkable changes to your life? Let’s dive into the steps you can take! 

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1. Consider the 80/20 rule 

Known commonly as the 80/20 rule, the Pareto Principle was coined by an Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto. It suggests that 80% of results (outputs) come from 20% of tasks or causes (inputs). The goal is to find inputs that are potentially the most productive, and prioritise them for maximum results. Simply put, find the small things that give you the biggest results — low effort, high reward.  

This isn’t by any means the law of nature that you must follow, but it does help to develop perspective on how you spend time efficiently and how to improve certain processes. For example, what is your daily routine? Which 20% of your daily tasks supply the most value and happiness? Can you reduce or delegate the 80% of tasks that do not give you much in return to instead spend more time on these 20%? 

Working hard without working smart may cause you to tire yourself without bearing much fruit. Think about how you can apply the 80/20 rule to your life and the improvement that comes with it. 

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2. Spend time with family or loved ones 

This might sound like a cliché but making time for family is something we often take for granted. We tend to get caught up with our other commitments and leave little or no time for our family. While it is true that our loved ones will always be there for us, spending time with them is good for our mental and emotional health

Make it a habit to set aside some quality time with them even if it’s once a week or once a fortnight. Whether it’s a virtual call over dinner or having a fun day out, remind them how much they mean to you through these routines. Write a note, grab a coffee, send a meme; always go the extra mile for the people who are part of your life for the long run. 

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3. Finish what you started 

Many of us are guilty of not finishing a task or an assignment on time or at all despite our best intention. Along the way, we are tempted to take breaks and are often distracted when we encounter seemingly impossible challenges that break our spirit. Often, progress is slow and may even seem little despite a long day of labour.  

Believe it or not, finishing what you’ve started is not a given and thus should be made into a habit. Evaluate your defensive behaviour against a difficult event, and remedy it with more direct actions and patience

For example, counter the feeling of helplessness by dividing tasks into smaller parts rather than completing them all at once. This enables you to gain a sense of control. Ultimately, developing a habit to complete an assignment will give you a sense of achievement and even build trust among your peers, colleagues and superiors.  

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4. Choose quality over quantity 

This simple philosophy in life that is so heralded is one that’s hard to live by. As human beings, we are wired to want more in life. From the desire for nicer clothes to enjoying better meals, people are scrambling to find more success. 

When we are too focused on quantity, we sacrifice quality and vice versa. Although on the surface, many profess to prefer better things as opposed to more things, sacrificing quality is easier to live with for most as the status quo is simply hardwired into us and difficult to break. 

Rather than spreading yourself thin to achieve anything and everything under the sun, actively making the choice to have a higher quality of life will improve your personal relationships and productivity, and even help you save on resources

Whether it’s cleaning out your wardrobe, cutting down certain goals you’ve been pursuing, or spending more time with people who matter to you, minimise your life to maximise your satisfaction. Make more room for highly important matters. Develop more appreciation for what you have to free up your mental energy for goals that are most exciting. 

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5. Learn to single-task 

Contrary to popular belief, single-tasking is more beneficial than multitasking. We all know someone that can simultaneously handle five different tasks and complete them flawlessly. Although it seems like they are ahead and have got their lives all figured out, this statement couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Multitasking is a myth. Research suggests that single tasking is the secret to getting more done. This is primarily due to cutting back on time wasted jumping back and forth from task to task. Completing tasks one at a time for ease of tracking and to decrease potential of burnout is advisable. 

Let’s take a look at a few ways to develop the habit of single-tasking: 

  • The best way to single-task is to remove all distractions from your workspace such as your consoles, the book you’re currently reading and so forth. 
  • Try to limit the number of tabs and screens on your computer. 
  • Funnel your attention and stay present in meetings or discussions. Better to be productive than to spread yourself thin for inefficient results. 

Overall, the habits that lead to a richer life have always been the most fundamental but easily overlooked principles. Many things from satisfaction to success begin with a change in perspective and actions to complement it. Start building a foundation for a healthier you. 

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