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6 Vegan-Friendly Restaurants You Should Try in Klang Valley

Healthier food options for your dietary needs

Published on 7 January 2022

The growing number of Malaysians who opt for a plant-based diet contributes to the rising popularity of veganism and vegetarianism in the country. This could be due to the increasing awareness and growing consumption of plant-based foods as many choose to be vegan for the health benefits.

Plant-based food isn’t rare in Malaysia as we consume homegrown ulam and ingredients like dahl, tofu and tempeh in our meals. The growing demand for plant-based products has also spurred local companies to open vegetarian and vegan-inspired eateries.

Let’s take a look at some of the most talked-about vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the Klang Valley right now.


jiran vegan kanteen outlet

Kanteen prides itself on serving an interesting array of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Not leaving any potential customers behind, you will also find a vegetarian page on its online menu. Kanteen offers 12 vegan and 12 vegetarian options. Whatever meat dishes that are on the menu, there are plant-based alternatives to enjoy. 

jiran vegan Kanteen food

Kanteen’s plant-based menu ranges from vegan big breakfast to vegan nasi lemak rendang and more. It uses tempeh in the nasi lemak sambal, and mushroom to substitute the taste of umami from traditional anchovies. As for its mac and cheese, pumpkin and cashew sauce is used as a replacement for the typical dairy products.


jiran vegan rawsome nasi lemak

Rawsome started out small in 2015 by introducing organic chia puddings. On top of healthier desserts, it also offered meal replacements for those who are looking to lose weight. Since its debut got a great reception, the healthy food company’s owner decided to upgrade Rawsome by producing healthier versions of local Malaysian favourites. This new direction falls in line with the company’s belief in eating right and adopting an active lifestyle for better health.

jiran vegan frozen food

Rawsome uses only the best ingredients to deliver good-quality food at affordable prices. Its plant-based dishes are appealing not just to vegans and vegetarians but also meat eaters as it doesn’t compromise on taste. Healthier versions of local dishes like pan mee, nasi lemak, and tempeh rendang will not disappoint you.

Namaste India

jiran Vegans Namaste wrap

Namaste India was conceived with the authenticity of India in mind. From the restaurant’s ambience to its food menu, customers will definitely soak in the traditional northern Indian vibe it radiates. The delectable dishes are prepared by chefs from India. While there is a variety of meat dishes to choose from, there are lots of vegetarian options too.

jiran vegan namaste food2

The Vegetarian Seekh Kebab, Vegetarian Kofta and Tandoori Platter feature plant-based meat. Customers will also be spoiled for choice with dessert offerings like Mango KulfiI made from thickened milk, dry fruits and mangoes. To get the best of what Namaste India has to offer, come with a big group so you can try the many dishes on the menu.


jiran vegan crust

CRUST has established itself as one of the most sought-after pizzas in the Damansara area. While other similar outlets offer their customers vegetarian pizzas, the good people at CRUST goes a little bit further with specialised vegan pizzas. The allure of this restaurant lies in the preparation of its pizzas.

jiran vegan crust pizza

The pizzas here are prepared in true Italian fashion, which is by baking them inside a wood-fire brick oven in the middle of the restaurant. Aside from vegan pizzas, you can also opt for a falafel patty on your burger. CRUST also serves vegan milkshakes. In a nutshell, you can customise many items into a vegan dish.

Lisette’s Café & Bakery

jiran vegan Lisettes outlet

The charming and quaint Lisette’s Café & Bakery is situated along Jalan Kemuja in Bangsar. It’s named after owner Lisette Scheer of Nala Designs. Lisette’s has made a name for itself thanks to its sumptuous Sunday brunch. It is touted by many as one of the best brunch options in Kuala Lumpur.

jiran Vegan Lisettes food

What’s special about Lisette’s Sunday brunch is that it is predominantly vegetarian and vegan, with some meat options. On its regular menu, it serves vegan tacos, vegan sourdough sandwiches, vegan kimchi fried rice and cauliflower soup among others. Have no fear as Lisette’s also caters to meat-eating customers with dishes like lamb shank and steak stroganoff to add diversity in its menu. There is also a Lisette’s outlet at Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya.


jiran vegan RGB outlet

Located in Kampung Datuk Keramat, RGB is short for Rather Good Beans. It is essentially a coffee shop where customers can indulge in a variety of healthy food along with a good cup of coffee. Like the other outlets mentioned, RGB has a vegan menu as an option.

jiran vegan RGB waffles

RGB is known for delicious vegan burgers that are prepared with three different plant-based ingredients. Apart from the Big Red Burger which is made of beetroot, there’s the Hemp Burger made of hemp seeds, carrots, flax seeds, lentils, and oats, and the Power Protein-Packed Burger. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the scrumptious mushroom waffles and Vegan Dark Chocolate Pumpkin cake.

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