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7 Innovative Home Gadgets You Didn’t Think You Needed

Make your living space a modern haven that is exclusively and uniquely yours

Published on 21 October 2021

Home is where the heart is, and the heart is happiest when the home is filled with smart tools and appliances that enrich the quality of everyday life. It’s time to upgrade your lifestyle with these game-changing home devices.

1. Robot vacuum cleaner

jiran robot vaccum

Whether you have a house full of furry friends or you simply don’t have the time to do constant clean-ups, a robot vacuum cleaner is your best ally. With a simple press of a button, it keeps your floors cleaner, and cuts down on dust and other allergens in ways that a manually operated vacuum never could. Unlike a traditional vacuum cleaner, it produces significantly less noise, ensuring your comfort. It also makes a perfect and thoughtful gift.

2. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers

jiran waterproof speakers

Once considered a luxury, purchasing a waterproof Bluetooth speaker which is lightweight and portable allows you to place it in the bathroom, kitchen and poolside. You no longer need to concern yourself with specks of water flying into the speaker. For those of us who enjoy basking by the poolside or cooking up a storm with some music in the kitchen, one wrong move and we may knock the speaker over. However, this worry is a thing of the past as waterproof Bluetooth speakers can even perform after being submerged in water.

3. Multicooker

jiran multicooker

Malaysians are foodies by nature, but being a foodie comes with a cost that may burn a hole in your pocket. Worry not, the multicooker is the answer to big appetites. With its multifunctionality, you can choose to have a barbeque party today, hot soup for tomorrow and steamed fish the day after. The choices are endless. Psst, did we mention that it is portable enough for you to bring around for road trips?

4. Smart air purifier

jiran air purifier

Being at home more often can create a sense of stuffiness. Moreover, air pollutants may infiltrate our homes and diminish the air quality. Today, most air purifiers in the market do more than just filtering the dust and pollutants in the air; some can trap fur, act as a diffuser and even function as a mosquito trapper. Take it a step further and invest in a smart air purifier. Not only are you able to control it remotely, the air purifier is even able to provide real-time feedback and analysis of your indoor environment.

5. Smart scale

jiran smart scale

Unlike a traditional scale, a smart scale can measure factors such as muscle and bone mass to visceral fat and body mass index. On top of providing you with a comprehensive analysis of your body’s composition, it lets you keep track of your fitness goals over time. Some smart scales are even able to host up to 16 profiles which allows you to track not only yours but your family member’s weight loss or gain journey.

6. Smart alarm clock

jiran smart clock

You must be thinking, “I already have a smartphone, so why would I need an alarm clock?” Smartphones when placed near your bedside can emit high levels of radiation which may cause dysfunction or imbalance to your biological clock. Consider a smart alarm clock — not only is it able to wake you up when needed, it is now able to connect with your devices at home.

Just connect it to your other IoT devices and use your smart alarm clock as a control centre to control other smart devices. Through Google Assistant, you can also check the weather, play music, and even play videos or slideshows, transforming it into a makeshift picture frame.

7. Smartwatch

jiran smart watch

Can a smartwatch be considered a home gadget? Let’s set the scene. As Malaysia’s COVID-19 movement restrictions begin to ease, and interstate borders as well as various economic sectors start to reopen, some people may no longer be physically present to attend to the needs of elderly family members living in their homes.

Smartwatches can help as they have health functions such as blood oxygen tracking and heart rate monitoring, which make it easier for caretakers to stay in the know. Moreover, some smartwatches have a “Fall Detection” function which detects hard falls and will activate an alert system asking if you need emergency assistance.

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