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8 Examples of How Malaysian Businesses are Connecting with Customers on Social Media During COVID-19

Take a look at how these brands are refocusing their business purpose during a time of crisis

Published on 23 March 2020

In a period when social distancing has become the best way to protect ourselves, companies are relying on the connectiveness provided by social media platforms to keep their businesses running amid the ongoing crisis.

Prolonged isolation will require us to adapt our social practices and find new ways to stay connected. Malaysian brands and marketers are looking at social media to creatively engage with audiences, and provide assistance where possible for the many people in need.

Here’s a list of how several Malaysian businesses are communicating with their customers on social media. Hopefully this will inspire you to craft your own digital strategy in order to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak more proactively.

1. Nasi Kandar Pelita

For every nasi kandar lover out there, the name Nasi Kandar Pelita signifies the real deal. To show appreciation to emergency service workers that are making Malaysia a better and safer place, Pelita is offering food packets to frontliners battling the COVID-19 pandemic for the rest of the month.

No better way to say thank you than a hot packet of classic local fare!


2. Foodpanda

Reliance on food delivery services has skyrocketed especially as the rakyat is advised to keep calm and duduk rumah. Aware of the increase in demand due to the movement restrictions, Foodpanda is keeping their audiences up to date on the situation and providing reassurances on their food handling procedures.

food panda

3. BFM 89.9

BFM 89.9 is one of the go-to radio channels for most Malaysians to keep themselves updated with the latest news and announcements on COVID-19. BFM is turning their antennas towards Twitter and Facebook to educate the public about government policies, and provide timely and accurate news at the same time.


4. Ben’s Independent Grocer

In response to the panic buying by kiasu Malaysians over the past week, local grocery chain Ben’s Independent Grocer announced on its Facebook Page procedures the company will be implementing to facilitate social distancing. This also ensures that the workers have ample time to restock the shelves.


5. myBurgerLab

myBurgerLab is known for its designer burgers and crazy flavour combinations. The company started an initiative on Facebook to give back to the community by extending a helping hand to those who need it the most. This is truly the #kitajagakita spirit at its best. Kudos!

burger lab

6. Inside Scoop

After one week of keeping ourselves indoors, we can all agree that ice cream is truly a necessity to make #stayathome a sweeter experience. Homegrown ice creamery, Inside Scoop, understands that birthdays are special occasions. Which is why they made sure that their customers are aware of their business and delivery status through regular updates.


7. Yeast Bistronomy

This local bistro partnered up with Malaysians to create a quirky PSA video on the importance of adhering to the Movement Control Order. The initiative seeks to spread the word (and not the virus) through the involvement of the local community.

8. Double Woot

Who says updating your wardrobe in the current situation can’t be fun and exciting? Double Woot is an online fashion store that’s staying engaged with its customers by holding a trivia contest that ends with — you guessed it — more discounts! So swipe away, fashionistas.


This pandemic has created an unprecedented opportunity for online customer engagement to grow. Now more than ever, businesses could benefit from the rich diversity of social media platforms and virtual service provisions.

In short, social media is the place for you to share business operation updates along with measures taken to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. As working from home gradually becomes the new norm, social media can prove to be an unstoppable force for digital engagement and outreach, especially in times of crisis.

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