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AjarSaya is Set to Revolutionise Online Learning in Malaysia

The educational platform by Secondlifeasia EduTech aims to lead the country to greater heights

Published on 8 October 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in school closures across the world. This situation has led to dramatic changes in education and the distinctive rise of e-learning. In the new normal, teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms.

In actuality, the landscape of traditional education has already shifted significantly in recent years. The rise of the Internet and new technologies has given an alternative medium for students to obtain their education. The ongoing pandemic has spurred Malaysian students to jump on the bandwagon. 

A global student survey by Chegg.org reported here indicated that 78% of tertiary students in Malaysia prefer online learning rather than conventional face-to-face classes, especially if it means cheaper fees. Clearly, students’ mindsets have drastically changed over the last year. It’s not hard to understand why they feel this way.

jiran ajarsaya student

There are many benefits to online learning. It allows students to access high-quality education whenever and wherever they want as long as there is a good Internet connection. Online education is a great alternative for teenagers and adults. This learning method is useful to sharpen their understanding of a difficult subject or in learning a new one altogether.

The same survey indicates that learning online can be more effective. It reveals that on average, students retain 25% to 60% more material when learning online compared with 8% to 10% in a classroom. In a nutshell, e-learning takes up 40% to 60% less time compared to a traditional classroom setting.

Local start-up Secondlifeasia EduTech recognised the need for an online education platform in Malaysia, and has decided to fill this gap with an innovative platform called AjarSaya. This company is known to develop various technology-based learning services, including live virtual classes, online exam platforms, subscription learning videos, and private tutoring marketplaces. AjarSaya focuses on helping students to understand school curriculums, as well as helping with exams, particularly standardised tests. 

The company is committed to partner up with the government to provide quality education through the Learning Management System (LMS). Currently, AjarSaya offers lessons for SPM students. The subjects include Add Maths, Chemistry, Accounting, and Bahasa Malaysia. All of these subjects are taught by Certified Professional Trainers according to their areas of expertise. One of them is Fauziah Sirat, who has been teaching Chemistry for the last 20 years.

jiran cikgu fauziah
Chemistry teacher Fauziah Sirat believes that online learning allows her to reach students nationwide

The pandemic has allowed Fauziah to explore online teaching and learning opportunities. It also opens up vast possibilities for her to reach students nationwide. “I believe the students need to have continuous motivation towards learning — the intrinsic motivation to become a lifelong learner. As such, instead of consistently focusing on knowledge and skills, I also work on instilling the right attitude to encourage students to become better humans and citizens,” she said. 

Jamaliah Mohd Elmi on other hand specialises in Add Maths and has been teaching the subject for 20 years. During the pandemic, she undertook the task of becoming a speaker for several Webinar Teknik Menjawab organised by Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Sabah and also found time to tutor students on the side.

jiran cikgu jamilah
Jamaliah Mohd Elmi says the pandemic shouldn’t be an excuse for students to slack off

Jamaliah doesn’t think that the pandemic should be used as an excuse for students to slack off even if they cannot physically attend classes. “Every student has to fight until they succeed throughout this pandemic. Don’t let yourself lose out,” she emphasised.

The creators of AjarSaya draw inspiration from the dedication displayed by their teachers, who go above and beyond their normal routine to teach and guide students who find it difficult to study during these unprecedented times. Digital transformation has been pivotal to many businesses during the pandemic, and our education sector shouldn’t be left behind. 

Malaysia is fortunate to have widespread availability of broadband service to enable many to opt for online learning. Education is an integral part of building the nation, and AjarSaya has made it its mission to further improve and drive the transformation.

Find out more about how AjarSaya can help your child improve their studies here

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