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This Is Ampang

15 May 2020
  • One person quest to build a stronger community. The need for a better relationship between residents and local authorities compelled the administrator to figure out way for the voices of his community to be heard.
  • Fairness and transparency are what makes this page unique and serve as a reliable source of local information by the residents of Ampang.

As we at Jiran strive to observe and understand the dynamics of local neighborhood communities in 2020, one particular group that caught our attention is This Is Ampang. Now with around 27,000 followers, This Is Ampang is a Facebook Community Page, active in engaging both residents of Ampang and local authorities. We are fascinated by the dedication shown by the page in serving the Ampang community. We reached out to the administrator of the page and conducted and interview session to learn more.

History & Motivation

The administrator himself live in an area in Ampang where there are often recurrence of flash flood after heavy rain. The need for a resolution to this matter compelled the administrator to figure out way for the voices of his community to be heard. The administrator observed that there seem to be a lack of confidence of the residents when channeling their complaints to local authorities via official channel. It was then in 2015 when This Is Ampang was established to achieve just that, to unite the voice of the residents and provide transparency of issues that are being handle by the local authorities.

Roles & Responsibilities

The administrator took the matter on his own by serving as the intermediary to enable transparent and effective communication between the two parties. And based on the reviews, it seems This Is Ampang have manage to fulfill that role.

Disseminating information

We are impressed with the quantity and speed of local news being published on the page. The administrator explained the news is crowd-sourced from the residents. He takes pride of the fact that This Is Ampang is known for the accuracy of the news and information.

All information are verified with local authorities first before there were published. This is of course not easy to do as those information might not be flattering to those local authorities, but fairness and transparency is what makes this page unique and serve as a reliable source of local information to the residents of Ampang.

Influence & Acknowledgement

This Is Ampang have good working relationship with multiple of local authorities. Among then are the Members of Parliament, State Assembly Representative, Polis Daerah Ampang Jaya, Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor, Tenaga Nasional and Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya. All these authorities also leverage on the popularity of This Is Ampang to help them reach the resident.

While we have seen improvement local authorities on their own digital channel such as better website design, it is undeniable that the public perception of local authorities inefficiency in receiving and acting on complaints is hard to get rid off. The fact that local authorities working closely with This Is Ampang demonstrate how important it is for social media platform as the digital channel and now being acknowledged as the key partner in their operations.

Final Word

This Is Ampang is a one-man operation setup. With the administrator having a full time job, it is admirable how he much effort he is spending in making sure that This Is Ampang being run with fairness and integrity. To use at Jiran, this is what a modern-day unsung hero looks like. Just a regular person but showing extraordinary passion and dedication in creating a better community.

To the administrator of This Is Ampang, thank you very much for your service.