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Bestari Eduland Sdn Bhd Offers Integrated Islamic Education to Ipoh Residents

The company provides high-quality programmes for preschool and primary school students

Published on 20 May 2022

Malaysia has been experiencing an increase of students enrolling in Islamic private institutions that offer faith-based education to young students of all ages. According to Statista, there were approximately 27,400 students enrolled in private religious primary schools in 2020, compared to approximately 14,400 students in private academic primary schools.  

There are several reasons why the Muslim community is more interested in sending their kids to these kinds of schools. Many parents believe that an Islamic-based education can help deter their children from being involved in social ills like drug abuse. Many also believe that a good Islamic education is essential to protect the minds of young individuals from practices that could harm their faith. 

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However, these Islamic private schools are not just focusing on the religious aspects. A lot of Islamic private and international schools are moving towards a balanced environment where Islamic education is taught alongside secular education.  

Bestari Eduland Sdn Bhd specifically provides early childhood education and specialises in Islamic education taught mostly in the English language. The company operates preschool centres which include Taska Al-Ameen and four franchised Little Caliphs outlets in Meru, Ipoh. 

Taska Bestari Al-Ameen offers an Islamic nursery programme that focuses on early childhood development for children as young as two months to four years old. The teaching staff consists of qualified teachers who educate children in accordance with the PERMATA guidelines which were implemented in 2007. 

Little Caliphs on the other hand is a preschool that helps children realise their best spiritual, cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical potential. The Little Caliphs Programme educates students through a set of proven creative methodologies that teach the meaningful foundation of Islam, along with basic learning and several life skills. There is a lot of emphasis on the importance of kindness, consideration, and respect to others.  

While these two entities offer preschool education, the company’s Bestari Integrated Islamic School (BIIS) acts as a stepping stone for students who have graduated from early childhood education. BIIS is a private primary school that prides itself in providing high-quality education for its students. 

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The school’s curriculum is tailor-made to fulfil each student’s needs and to make it easier for teachers to monitor their progress and achievements. BIIS students are encouraged to live up to their true potential as well-educated Muslims, which is part of the school’s mission. Just like other private institutions, the primary language used is English, while Bahasa Melayu is the secondary language. The students also have the privilege to learn Arabic as part of their syllabus.  

In a nutshell, BIIS applies both Malaysia’s National Curriculum and KAFA in their syllabus. While the school meets the national education requirements, it also offers the Integrated Holistic Education System (IHES) which focuses on outcome-based learning on multiple levels. This includes immersion of knowledge, character-building, skills and competency, and academic achievement. 

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As part of its integrated approach to education, the school also implements the Quranic Generation Development Programme (QGDP) into the curriculum. QGDP focuses on the recitation, understanding, implementation and immersion of the Quran.  

The students do not just thrive in educational aspects alone. BIIS also offers extra-curricular activities including robotics classes, taekwondo, and a science club. On top of that, the school often organises events that include national celebrations, sports outings and more.  

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