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Blowfish Malaysia: Perfecting the Art of Shoemaking

A beautiful blend of fine craftsmanship and affordability enables this local company to walk in the footsteps of giants in the shoemaking industry

Published on 7 June 2022

Everyone is unique in their own way, be it their personality, their interests or even the shape of their feet. You may be a European size 36 in one store, but a US size 6.5 in another. Depending on the shoe brand or model, your shoe size range might vary, making it a challenging task to buy shoes especially when ordering them online. 

That’s not even because different metrics in size measurements exist depending on the brand’s country of origin. Shoe sizes simply do not fit uniformly across the industry nor is it the same with people. Some may have wider feet width, making it difficult to purchase mass-produced shoes that usually cater for those with narrow or more balanced feet width and length. 

All feet are different. If we are open to the idea of tailor-made clothes that follow our exact measurements to fit our body better, we should also apply the same concept to our footwear. Women especially are required or encouraged to put on a pair of heels to look more ‘well put together’ or professional. Although wearing high heels makes the wearer appear confident, higher heels usually cause discomfort after prolonged periods of wearing them and may even limit one’s mobility.  

Jiran Perfecting the Art of Shoemaking 6
Casual heels for daily wear 

Enter Blowfish, a homegrown shoe brand that is the culmination of effort and experience spanning across three generations for the last 70 years. What began as a business to support the family is not only selling its products to renowned department stores, it has also developed an online store and is distributing to sellers across e-commerce platforms like Zalora and Lazada. Blowfish is also a distributor of ready-made shoes to department stores like Parkson and Isetan. 

Blowfish current owner, Ernest Yeah, was sent away to gain more experience before he could fully take over the company’s operations. Due to the economic crisis, his father, Mun Yew had to make a difficult decision to part with Ernest for him to acquire extensive knowledge in sales and marketing. After 10 long years, Ernest dutifully returned with a renewed ambition and vast knowledge to finally bring his family’s business to the next level.  

What was first known as Yeah Shoes Enterprise Sdn Bhd is now Blowfish Malaysia, a shoe business that creates handmade, made-to-order customised shoes that are elegant, individualistic, comfortable, and affordable. 

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Blowfish workstation 

These bespoke heels are made with the Bubbletech insole, Aquafoam midsole and Snugfit lining for maximum comfort whilst promising elegance with every step.  

Extended wear of heels that not only bend the toes to an unnatural position but force most of the pressure to the balls of our feet may result in painful aches, sores and other range of ailments.  

By focusing on the quality and technology that goes into the heels, Blowfish prioritises cushioning to support standing for long hours and adequate absorption of foot pressure. Now you can put your mind at ease and look your absolute best during events, special occasions or in everyday life. 

Jiran Perfecting the Art of Shoemaking 3
Ernest with incredibly happy customers 

Cast out the preconception that custom-made shoes are luxuries for the rich. Consider a well-made pair of footwear as a long-term investment. Choose quality over wasting money on heels that do not support your feet and materials that deteriorate after a few wears. Let’s support our local artisans and businesses for a look that is uniquely made for you.   

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