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Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Space During COVID-19

What to do with that old guitar? Get motivated with fabulous decorating ideas

Published on 25 March 2021

The latest iteration of the Movement Control Order (MCO) is upon you. You’ve completed all your work-from-home tasks for the day and boredom starts to set in. How to keep your chill and remain productive? Home makeover!

If you’ve been living with the same decorations for years, don’t you think it’s finally time to reimagine your living space? Yes, we know you might not be able to physically browse through the home section of your favourite department store for now — but you can always order the items you want online and have them delivered to you.

We’ve put together a list of simple DIY decor tips you can follow while you’re at home due to COVID-19. Keep reading!

creative ways choose colour theme

Set a colour scheme for your room

Colour schemes aren’t just for movie sets or professional decorators! Plan your own colour palette that reflects the kind of vibe you wish to attract. The colours you see will help determine your mood and, at times, even motivate you to perform tasks better.

Order a rolling cart

Since you’re most likely still working from home, a rolling cart is a useful tool to help you fulfil your WFH duties. By having a rolling cart, you can place your food, drinks and snacks without worrying about spillage. Moreover, with the cart at your disposal, you don’t have to keep going back and forth from the kitchen to your bedroom for edibles anymore.

When idle, it can also act as shelves!

creative ways art on wall

Hang art

A lot of people are unaware of this, but art can play an important role in your household. Artworks add personality and character to your walls, especially bare ones. Adding art pieces into your home’s interior can help you break the complexities you face at work that are still lingering in your mind, and helps you focus on family, friends and after-work matters.

Invest in art and let the positivity flow.

creative ways repurposed bottles

Buy plants and repurpose your bottles

Some of us live in city apartments surrounded by the concrete jungle, so having greenery around the house not only helps you feel calmer but also generate oxygen and filter the air. If you want to create a less-stressful environment, then bringing plants indoors will help.

On top of that, maybe you can get water-based plants so that you can repurpose your empty kicap and sos cili bottles into vases.

creative ways morning vie

Give your morning view a makeover

Nope, not necessarily in the style of the home improvement shows that we all love watching. Just order fresh new curtains online to replace the old ones. Changing the draperies is a great way to help you stay fresh, break through the mundane and add some colour to your windows, especially the ones with gorgeous views of your neighbourhood!

Tip: Floral is and will always be IN.

That old guitar inside your room? Give it a brand new purpose

Ever harboured the idea of trying to play Man Bai’s “Kau Ilhamku” on a kapok guitar? Most of us have been through that phase. You might have acquired the guitar and it’s been resting in your room for years. Perhaps it’s time to give it a clever new purpose. Open up the guitar case and turn it into wall shelves to display houseplants or ornaments.

creative ways wall basket

Have you heard of wall baskets?

If you have a number of baskets lying around the house, come up with ways to use them differently. Get a wooden plank as a base and screw the baskets onto the plank to create a line of hanging baskets. This way, you can put your fruits, plants or even hand sanitisers and encourage your family to keep clean.

If you don’t have baskets, fret not because they are affordable and available to order online and you should get a few for each section of your house.

creative ways sanitize

Don’t forget to CLEAN & SANITISE!

The best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to wash your hands and disinfect day-to-day surfaces. The coronavirus can last up to five days on surfaces made of plastic and metal, so make sure you clean your home at least once a day.

While disinfecting your entire house can seem like a daunting task, health professionals recommend prioritising cleaning high-touch areas like doorknobs, light switches, tables, and even your mobile phone first before moving to the rest of the house.

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