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Funding Societies and TMIM Team Up to Provide Digital Financing Access and Support to MSMEs

Opens the door for 70,000 MSMEs under Yellow Pages listings

Published on 21 October 2020

Funding Societies Malaysia, the largest peer-to-peer (P2P) financing platform in the country and Southeast Asia recently collaborated with TM Info-Media Sdn Bhd (TMIM), a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) to offer business financing solutions for the underserved and unserved local micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The mission kicks off into high gear with the prime utilisation of Yellow Pages’ digital platform, a product of TMIM and also the leading digital business directory in Malaysia.

The collaboration will provide MSMEs with greater access to digital financing solutions. The solutions will facilitate business expansions as well as ensure sustainability of the MSMEs. It provides vital financing options to existing MSMEs and serves as a launch pad to aspiring entrepreneurs. The synergistic collaboration takes momentous steps towards Funding Societies’ mission to improve the livelihoods of MSMEs and TM’s role as the enabler of Digital Malaysia.

It also opens the door for as many as 70,000 MSMEs under the Yellow Pages listings to a variety of tailor-made financing products. With the aim of bringing game-changing revolutions to their customers, Yellow Pages Malaysia is no stranger to making innovative transformations in order to stay current in the digital age.

Wong Kah Meng, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Funding Societies Malaysia, commented on the partnership: “Digital financing is becoming more prevalent in Malaysia given its ability to promote financial inclusion, particularly benefiting the MSMEs that are either unserved or underserved by traditional financing avenues by providing easy access to financing solutions. As the largest P2P financing platform in the region, our partnership with TMIM will serve to accelerate our reach in providing the financing support that is much needed by our local MSME players. This is especially relevant given MSMEs are among the most impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Meanwhile, Sean Koh Chin Soon, Chief Executive Officer, TMIM said: “Our Malaysia Yellow Pages platform which has evolved from print to digital, interactive website and mobile app, is the perfect avenue to bridge the MSMEs out there with the resources they require. We are excited to collaborate with FundingSocieties Malaysia in empowering local businesses through financial solutions.

This will enable them to further expand their potentials thus supporting the sustainability of the businesses, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. This is also in line with the Government’s efforts to boost the growth of Malaysian economy and to propel local businesses. This initiative is befitting of TM Group’s unique role in nation building and as the enabler of Malaysia’s Digital Nation aspirations.”

P2P financing is a digital financing solution that has been gaining traction in recent years. Its modern approach and speedy process makes pain points of traditional financing a thing of the past. Such setbacks including collateral requirement, onerous documentation, slow turnaround time, and high minimum requirements, all posed as hurdles for smaller businesses to obtain quick financing assistance. Through this collaboration, eligible businesses on the Yellow Pages platform can apply for the financing from Funding Societies without even needing to visit a physical branch.

Eligible MSMEs stand to enjoy the following financing benefits from Funding Societies:

  • Discount on processing fee
  • Fast disbursement with quick approval within five (5) working days
  • Flexible tenure of up to 18 months
  • No collateral requirement
  • Minimal documentation requirement

Interested MSMEs can apply for financing from Funding Societies on Yellow Pages website starting 5 October 2020. For more information on the partnership between Funding Societies and TMIM, please visit

About Funding Societies Malaysia

Launched in early 2017, Funding Societies Malaysia is the first and largest P2P financing platform in Malaysia. Registered with the Securities Commission, the P2P financing platform connects SMEs with investors through an online marketplace, thereby increasing access to financing for SMEs.

By investing into SMEs, investors could earn risk-adjusted returns. Meanwhile, SMEs obtain access to short-term financing to expand their business through a fast and simple online process. Additionally, SMEs benefit from not having to provide collateral for financing, while interest costs are minimized due to short financing tenures.

Funding Societies is also present in Singapore and Indonesia (where it is known as Modalku), thus emerging as one of the largest digital financing platforms in Southeast Asia. Both Funding Societies and Modalku have disbursed more than RM5 billion in working capital to SMEs in Southeast Asia since its establishment. For more information on Funding Societies Malaysia, please visit

About TMIM

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