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Gopeng: A Small Town Pineapple Paradise

The place to devour your favourite fruit!

By Ipoh Hyperlocal Published on 28 February 2021

Most of us may not be familiar with the scientific term Ananas comosus. In layman’s term, this is known to many as the ever-popular pineapple. This sweet, juicy and bright yellow fruit is a favourite to be eaten as a dessert or even a snack for most Malaysians.

The small town of Gopeng, located about 20 minutes away from Ipoh — a place more commonly known for its nearby attractions and historical landmarks like Gua Tempurung and Kellie’s Castle — is also becoming a hub for the younger thrill seekers to experience white water-rafting and hiking activities.

Adding on to its impressive list of interesting attractions, visitors to the quaint town are now also able to enjoy the taste of their very own homegrown pineapples.

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The brand dubbed ‘Gopine’ is derived from the words Gopeng and pineapple.

The pineapples are grown on a 1,000-acre plantation. Although at present only 250 acres are reported to be planted, there is more potential to expand production to meet market needs with the project undertaken by Gopeng Berhad.

The pineapple farm, which is one of the biggest farms in the Northern region of Malaysia, specialises in planting the MD2 pineapple variety and caters for the local market.

With the pineapples taking around 14 to 18 months to mature and be ready for harvest, locals and visitors alike have many things to look forward to in this impressive pioneering project of Gopine to make pineapples the product of the small town of Gopeng.

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