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How LUBNA Gains Popularity for Its Whimsical Modest Wear Designs

One of Zalora’s favourite traditional clothing lines expands its repertoire

Published on 29 April 2022

LUBNA is currently one of Zalora’s top modest wear brands. Available in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, this fashion label’s design concept revolves around the combination of whimsical and traditional elements. In a nutshell, its clothing line is targeted to those who want modest clothing with a modern touch.   

From just producing fashionably fun garments for women and then for men as well, LUBNA has expanded its repertoire to include children’s clothing too. Whether you are aiming for a stylish look, a conservative outfit or a simple and casual appearance, the affordable fashion pieces from LUBNA will absolutely fulfil your needs. Belle Annuar, LUBNA’s design lead gives an insight on how the brand started its journey with Zalora, the challenges of creating a modest wear brand and its recent expansion. 

LUBNA has gained a lot of fans through Zalora. How did this partnership start? 

The brand LUBNA was established in 2016. At the time, it was apparent to us that there was an under-represented segment, one that caters to carefree, young-at-heart ladies who are experimental in their style to complement their lifestyle. We wanted to be the first to address their modest fashion needs in a big way. We were inspired by their energy and fun-loving zest for life, while considering their appreciation for affordable, trend-forward pieces. Eventually, we started to expand our offerings to the plus-size girls as well as men. 

What were the initial goals and motivation behind the birth of the brand? 

The greatest motivation for us then was finding trendy modest clothing which is top quality but doesn’t break the bank. There were many brands then that were imported from Thailand and Indonesia, and they were always hitting the mark with the latest trends, but most were a one-size-fits-all brand. We knew this was a chance for us to offer something different in the market. 

Branded as a modest wear clothing line, what are the challenges of creating whimsical clothing while maintaining absolute modesty? 

The biggest challenge is ensuring each style is comfortable to wear, especially in our choice of fabrics. It’s also important to maintain the brand’s aesthetics while honouring modesty. To achieve this, we’re challenged to think beyond the box and find ways to approach modest wear with a twist. 

jiran lubna ladies

Who is responsible in designing LUBNA’s collection? 

We have an in-house designer who handles the design part, but ultimately it is the work of the whole team which includes buyers, illustrators, and product developers. 

How do you consistently keep your designs fresh? 

We keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and tweak them with hints of traditional touches. We find inspiration from trend forecast websites and Pinterest but mostly from our customers’ feedback and demand.   

How often are new collections launched? 

Our biggest collection launch is usually in Spring/Summer for our festive collection. However, for our non-festive range, we usually have new arrivals in almost every month of the year.  

jiran lubna combined

Modern modest wear is a continuously growing industry. What are some of the strategies used by LUBNA to remain competitive in the market? 

The industry is growing rapidly, and we love that more and more brands are out there. Our only strategy to continue being competitive in the market has always been about understanding who our customers are and knowing their lifestyle. Being agile is also key in keeping us up to date with the latest demands.  

We heard about a new kids’ collection that’s about to be launched. Tell us a bit more about that. 

This is a very special project we’ve been wanting to launch for a few years already, but we had to make sure the market was ready and that we are prepared to present a strong first capsule. This first LUBNA Kids capsule was launched in February. It consists of a total of 85 SKUs (stock keeping unit) which cater to kids from the age of one to 10. 

jiran lubna kids

What can regular customers expect from the children’s collection? 

The collection mirrors the same energy as the adult range, which is fun and playful. We’ve also made them easy to pair with mum and dad in LUBNA and LUBNA Homme. Made from comfortable fabrics and customised prints that are exclusively designed for the brand, the silhouettes, cutting, and finishing were also designed for kids to move around freely and easily. 

What else is in the cards for LUBNA in 2022? 

Based on our observation of the market’s responses and interests, we will make some tweaks to the branding and direction. The new direction will be visible in the Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, and we are very confident our customers will love it as much as we do. 

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