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Jelajah Jiran: 5 Underappreciated Gems You Must Visit In and Around Cyberjaya

Explore under-the-radar sights and eateries this modern city has to offer

Published on 23 March 2022

Located about 26 km south of downtown Kuala Lumpur, Cyberjaya is in the Sepang District which lies in the southern part of Selangor. The city is adjacent to the Federal Territory of Putrajaya, our government’s administrative capital.

Cyberjaya is popularly known as Malaysia’s technology hub and it comes as no surprise that not many people actively find their way here for recreational reasons. Nevertheless, this constantly developing city has more than just great universities, tech companies and affordable real estate.

There are many attractions to be discovered in Cyberjaya. In our first edition of the Jelajah Jiran series, we’ve rounded up the beautiful parks, outstanding architecture and things to do in and around the city.

Cyberjaya Lake Gardens

jiran cyberjaya lake gardens

Easily one of the prettiest parks in Selangor, Cyberjaya Lake Gardens or Taman Tasik Cyberjaya is frequented by joggers, nature lovers and families with little ones. Comprised of 35 hectares, the park is flourishing with beautiful greenery. The walking trail circling the lake is perfect for those who enjoy slow leisure walks. If you have money to spare, you can even rent a bicycle via the TRYKE app near the park entrance.

jiran taman tasik cyberjaya

Along the way, you will find picnic benches, gazebos, workout stations, a lookout tower and a surprisingly huge children’s playground. The centre of attraction is the captivating lake adorned with water lilies. In the morning, the peaceful ambience of the park is accompanied by pretty flowers and the relaxing melody of birdsong. If you’re lucky, you might even see squirrels jumping from tree to tree.

Tamarind Square

jiran tamarind square facade

Tamarind Square epitomises the aesthetic appeal of brutalist-style design, featuring bare building materials in minimalistic block-like shapes with a monochrome palette. The real beauty, however, lies in the balance between concrete structures and beautifully landscaped plants. You’ll see curtains of lush foliage on almost every part of the building.

jiran tamarind square

Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a few models and photographers as it is probably the most Instagrammablespot in Cyberjaya. Besides the amazing decor, Tamarind Square offers a plethora of cafés, restaurants and activities to try. Tired of Monopoly? You can play over 200 board games at Weplaygames Cafe. What’s more, bibliophiles could spend hours perusing the shelves of BookXcess that houses half a million books. There are many things one can discover, so take your time to explore and find what you love doing!

Raja Haji Fisabilillah Mosque

jiran Raja Haji Fisabilillah Mosque facade

Raja Haji Fisabilillah Mosque is the first mosque in Malaysia to receive the Platinum award in the Green Building Index for its environmentally friendly concept. If that doesn’t make you a proud Malaysian, this mosque is also one of the first in the world to rely on solar panels to generate electricity. The mosque incorporates a stunning mixture of modern architecture and traditional Islamic elements.

jiran Raja Haji Fisabilillah Mosque garden

There’s a magnificent steel minaret of similar design standing 27 metres high adjacent to the mosque. For natural ventilation, the interior follows an open space concept and the tall tree in the central courtyard gives off a peaceful atmosphere.

Something mosque-goers and visitors would appreciate is the vast compound that provides ample parking space during Friday prayers, Friday markets and Ramadan bazaars. It truly is a state-of-the-art mosque that you must see with your own eyes. For non-Muslim visitors, do remember to dress appropriately within the vicinity.

jiran Raja Haji Fisabilillah mosque interior

TAPAK Urban Street Dining Cyberjaya

jiran tapak food truck

Instead of settling for typical dishes at the mamak or hitting the mall full of pesky crowds, why not indulge yourself in delicious homegrown fare and varied international menus that come straight out of a truck? TAPAK is an awesome food truck joint that has attracted foodies from surrounding neighbourhoods.

jiran Jelajah Jiran Cover Photo 1200x800 11

There are rows of food trucks serving Western, Chinese Muslim, traditional Malay cuisine and other great eats to suit every budget and palate. The outdoor plaza is well-decorated with hanging lights for an intimate dining experience. Apart from plenty of parking space, tents are set up on rainy days as well, so don’t let that stop you from coming over. Overall, it’s a great change of scenery and food choices from your usual nights out.

jiran tapak food truck area

Putrajaya Lake

jiran putrajaya lake view

Although Mother Nature is an outstanding artist, sometimes a little human touch can result in places of breathtaking beauty, and Putrajaya Lake is one of them. Situated just a short drive away from Cyberjaya, this man-made wonder is spread over 650 hectares, and acts as a natural cooling system. Sharing its boundaries with Cyberjaya, the lake itself is surrounded by many of the city’s futuristic architecture.

jiran putrajaya lake activities

Sometimes, you might see people skillfully jet-skiing, watersurfing or flyboarding on the lake. As it provides such a pleasant setting for outdoor enthusiasts, Putrajaya Lake became a popular venue for jogging, picnicking and other thrilling activities for nearby communities. It’s more fun to rent and ride an e-scooter or cycle around the lake as the area is too big to cover on foot. And yes, it’s totally worth it.

jiran putrajaya lake jogging path

Watch this space for the next instalment of our Jelajah Jiran series! What’s your favourite place to visit in your neighbourhood? Reach out to us and share your suggestions here.

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