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Seize the Clay: Small Steps Are All It Takes for Piccinoclay

A tax associate shapes her passion into reality with handmade polymer clay jewellery

Published on 1 December 2021

One shouldn’t take any risk unless it’s a calculated one. Vivecca Dharni Rajkumar, a tax associate, knows this too well. As someone who has pursued an education in finance for the past four years, it was only natural for her to analyse and scrutinise each detail to reduce the possibility of an error. So, it was quite an uncharacteristic move for Vivecca to dive into polymer clay jewellery making. 

“I was in desperate need of a creative outlet. I had to get out of the terrible headspace in which everything about my day-to-day life felt incredibly dull and boring. After stumbling across a YouTube video on a random Saturday morning, I went and impulsively bought clay supplies, and the rest is history!” 

Little did she know at the time, this pastime would soon evolve into her very own full-fledged business.  

jiran Piccinoclay 1200x800 01
Vivecca conditioning the clay by hand. 

Knead for change 

As a fresh graduate during the pandemic, Vivecca was blessed with a stable job and a steady income. However, with no appropriate coping mechanism for her stress, it soon began to escalate into anxiety. Aware of this, she turned to developing her skills as a polymer clay artist during her free time in order to improve her well-being. Not only did she find a healthy outlet for creative expression, but she also gained the support of her friends and family to share her work online and subsequently start her own business. 

This marked the beginning of Piccinoclay — a space where she can be herself, and a place that keeps her grounded in the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

jiran Piccinoclay 1200x800 04
Piccinoclay’s products worn by Vivecca herself. 

“I was so stressed out at work trying to meet shared targets that could lead to me letting my team down if I ever slip up. Having my own business gave me that few hours a day where I was in charge of the decisions I made. I could quite literally plan out how my business would run in terms of timelines and meeting the needs of my customers in my own way.” 

Just by scrolling through her Instagram shop @piccinoclay, the polymer clay pieces take on a life of their own. These are colourful and stunning handcrafted accessories that cannot usually be found in the mass market as Vivecca herself curates and styles them. Infusing her own bold and jovial personality into her work, Vivecca also accepts custom orders from customers who want to put their own personal twist to their jewellery. 

jiran Piicinoclay 1200x800 03
Celebrate the rainy weather with one of Piccinoclay’s featured pieces — pioggia, which is Italian for rain. 

Moulding her future, the way she wants it 

Vivecca knew from experience that all it takes is a little bit of faith. Therefore, it was a no-brainer for her when she came across Jiran’s Instagram contest promising to feature the victor’s small business on Jiran website and social media platforms.  

“I often longed for my business to be featured someday. So when I heard about the contest, I jumped at the opportunity. To be honest, I thought that I did not have a shot at winning after looking through the countless beautiful small business pages under the hashtag for the competition. Hence, you can imagine my excitement when I got the good news!”

jiran Piicinoclay 1200x800 07
Piccinoclay has something to offer for everyone. 

Piccino means ‘tiny’ in Italian. Vivecca, herself a petite person, did not name her business Piccinoclay simply because of that, but because she believed in the impact of ‘something tiny’.  It was a small step to self-improvement, a small push to start her hobby, and a small group of people to encourage the start of her business that led her to where she is now. 

jiran Piccinoclay 1200x800 05
Vivecca assembling one of her works. 

“My only advice for anyone out there who wants to start a small business is to just go for it. To be honest, I used to be overly cautious about everything to do with my business. But take it from someone who’s been in the scene for months, there is really no way of knowing everything you are bound to face. So stop panicking, be honest and reasonable with yourself, and finally just get your beautiful self out there and do your thing!” 

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