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The Different Ways Chatbots Can Improve a Business

This technology is slowly changing the landscape of business operations

Published on 10 November 2021

Digital technology has paved the way for business owners to innovate their operations, especially in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. Chatbots help improve how businesses operate all around as they offer many benefits, saving them money while increasing sales and conversion rates. The advancements of artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning have set frameworks for chatbots to become more efficient. 

Locally, Yellow Pages embarked on a strategic collaboration with YesHello to offer their innovative service, yellowCHAT to the Malaysian market. This partnership was sparked in response to the growing need for conversation marketing technologies including chatbots, automation and collaborative tool to address the needs of increasingly digitised businesses. We highlighted the benefits of chatbots in customer service in a previous article, and now we go in-depth on how this technology can assist a business further.

Humanises your brand

The chatbot can serve as the first communication point with your business, which can be much more personal than a conversation by mail or phone. Automatically, it acts as a company representative and gives your business a face. The chatbot’s personality influences the user experience and is a decisive factor in how the user perceives the interaction. 

Numerous factors are considered in order to develop a chatbot personality that fits your company. This includes your brand identity, tasks the bot is supposed to perform or the preferences of your target market. Choosing the right name and profile photo also defines the chatbot’s personality

Potentially changes the nature of marketing

Growing a successful business boils down to reaching relevant audiences. It isn’t easy to analyse and predict customer preferences through traditional and conventional methods. Chatbots, however, can contribute to the change in marketing and in the form of customer service strategies.

They have the potential to build good customer relationships and gather intelligence. Intelligent chatbots can learn over time the consumer behaviour and interests based on machine learning algorithms, thus improving relevance and suggestions to customer’s interests on certain products and services. 

Eliminates time-consuming tasks

Chatbots can take over a lot of repetitive tasks that are performed by customer support staff. While it can take a toll on a person, a bot will never complain, even when a customer gets a bit frustrated. According to the CEO of Drift, a leading chatbot development company, people should not view chatbots like a human simulator. They should see them as a better way of satisfying customer needs that works faster, and is more efficient and scalable. 

Helps showcase products and services

The chatbot provides a useful communication channel for promoting product updates and notifications. With conversational experiences, you can choose who and how the bot answers based on the questions. Needless to say, chatbots can complement and be part of an integrated approach for marketing a business’s new product line-ups and services across the customer journey.

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