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Use E-Commerce Automation to Accelerate Your Business Growth

Optimise and future-proof your company’s processes with digital tools like yellowCHAT

Published on 20 April 2022

Digitalising your business is now a necessity that allows you to alleviate your reach and influence online. This is especially crucial as COVID-19 rules have led to the increase of digital usage, which has no doubt transformed our way of life and how businesses deliver value to customers.  

The world of e-commerce never sleeps. In fact, it has blurred the lines of business hours and leisure time due to its ever-present nature. On top of managing your business, you must maneuver around the complex world of online marketing and consider business development too. A small business owner understands that time is of the essence. There is never enough of it, so wherever possible, there is a need to simplify tedious or time-consuming processes.  

Enter e-commerce automation. Not to be mistaken as another marketing tool or accessory to ‘modernise’ your business, the purpose of e-commerce automation is to save time on repetitive tasks. As you grow and scale your business, more effort, time, and money are spent on putting out fires that could have been easily avoided. 

Among various practices to boost efficiency, e-commerce automation doesn’t only stand out; it is a fundamental tool that should be utilised to easily streamline costs and focus on what matters. 

Different kinds of e-commerce automation 

The aim is to put the right people, processes, and systems together to create the best possible workflows for your online business. First, the internal processes that keep your business running must be mapped out and analysed to find, highlight, and change the areas that need to be automated. 

This begs the question: What are some types of workflows and how do they work? Below are some examples of areas in your business that may need automation and how it can ease functions: 

1. Inventory management 

The highlight of your business is your products. When your stock levels are checked manually, there is a possibility of human error either due to miscalculation or delayed updates among others. 

Automate your inventory management process for real-time updates on product listings rather than manually adding data. The in-built constant monitoring of a digitalised inventory system also manages and adjusts stock levels. You don’t have to rush to notify customers that your product is out of stock or restocked since the system will do it for you. 

2. Order management 

It is a challenge to manually deal with daily transactions made during different times of the day, invoices to be issued, and irregular orders of large amounts of products. Order management workflow is a type of e-commerce automation that focuses on customer orders. From placing an order to organising it, tracking, and even completing the order, there are many ways in which automation will be positively affected by automation. 

3. Customer experience 

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While it’s only natural for you as a business owner to want to serve your customers personally, you and your team simply do not have the time or resources to supply personalised service. Moreover, as trends and fads come and go, customer experience and buying habits will also change over time.  

Not only can an automated customer experience workflow gather analytics of insights into buying habits, but it is also able to help you gain more customers. This can be done by using automated lead nurturing programs such as automatically sending emails to customers with discounts, offers, and codes, setting automatic surveys to improve your business, and encouraging advocacy by referring perks to friends.  

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Among the different workflows, chatbots stand out as an essential part of enriching your customer experience and reaching out to them in real time. In a recent study, 64% of respondents believed that chatbots allow their brands to supply a more personalised service experience for customers. As these chatbots are programmed to direct, help and discover, you can now spend more time and resources running and expanding your business. 

How chatbots can elevate customer experience and communication 

Chances are you’ve met and interacted with a chatbot when browsing online. Chatbots are arguably the most strategic interaction tools, supplementing content marketing and other channels.  But what does this mean for your business? Here are some ways that chatbots can supercharge your business: 

  • Enhance customer experience and interaction
  • Automate lead generation 
  • Promote sales and better qualify leads 
  • Cost-effective and diminish the need for a person to provide 24/7 customer support 
  • Enable personalised responses 
  • Capacity to handle high quantities of customer queries 

It is highly recommended for brands and businesses to implement chatbots in a way that simplifies existing processes so that it is ultimately beneficial to growth. However, developing the software for a chatbot from scratch may prove to be a daunting and costly task. 

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Here’s an amazing digital tool to expand the capability of your business. Meet yellowCHAT, an affordable and handy business assistant that equips your brand with chatbot functionalities. yellowCHAT is all you need in a chatbot minus the frills. It’s no longer necessary for you to write lines and lines of code or manually check data. With this one messaging platform to rule all your social media queries, chats and replies, everything is just one click away.  

Don’t miss another message or opportunity again! Unsure whether this is the plan for you? Opt  for a 7-day FREE trial with no strings attached. See for yourself how crucial it is to have automation that drives sales, obtains more leads, and increase marketing effectiveness. 

Pro tip: If you’d like to invest in yellowCHAT but don’t have sufficient funds, don’t worry because Yellow Pages Pre-Approved Financing brings you the solution you need. It’s designed specifically for TM unifi small and medium enterprise customers who need finance assistance. Want to learn more? Explore Jiran’s in-depth coverage of this exclusive offer. For non-TM customers, you still have other financing options here. 

Where humans are lacking, automation such as chatbots fills the gap. Using yellowCHAT results in quicker issue resolution and satisfaction on both sides of the conversation. It is high time brands leveraged chatbots to inform their decision-making and to ensure each social interaction leads to a better and more superior customer experience. Why wait when the solution is right here? 

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