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[VIDEO] Chandelle: Natural and Affordable Scented Candles for the Masses

A homegrown brand’s sweet smell of success

Published on 5 April 2021

Candles were once considered a traditional source of light before the discovery of electricity. As candles transition from a product of necessity to one associated with luxury, the market demand has grown thanks to its appealing scent which provides a sense of comfort usually achieved from fancy day spas.

Afiq Ab Hamid, co-founder of Chandelle, believes in the importance of winding down after a long day at work using scented candles with delicate tones to relieve stress. Based in Shah Alam, Chandelle was founded by Afiq and his fiancé, Puteri Alia Natasya Shamsuddin.

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“Our business started during the Movement Control Order (MCO) last year. Since we were working from home and we know a lot of people do as well, we decided to produce something to help them release their stress at home: scented candles. The idea itself may seem simple, but these candles may help them get through the day a lot better,” said Afiq.

Through his responses, we can tell that Chandelle has their customers’ best interests at heart. They are offering their natural scented candles — that are usually known to be luxurious — at an affordable price so that more people can experience the luxury of relaxing with an aromatic candle. How thoughtful is that?

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Afiq admitted that starting a business during the MCO was quite a challenge especially when searching for new customers. Fortunately, the pair has a great awareness of digital integration as Chandelle primarily operates on the Internet. The lifestyle company found their muse in digital marketing. This is evident from their brilliantly shot videos on Instagram and their sleek website.

“Everything is online now. What online marketing does for us is that it enables us to reach more people. As a result of that, a huge number of our customers got to know about us online.”

However, the secret to Chandelle’s meteoric rise is their hospitality and stellar customer service. Afiq also makes sure that potential customers are aware of their excellence on the customer-facing aspect.

This combination of excellent service and everyday luxury has proven to be a recipe for success.

Discover more about this local company by watching the video below:

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