[VIDEO] Facing MCO 3.0: How myBurgerLab and Atas Angin Adapt to the New Normal - Jiran

[VIDEO] Facing MCO 3.0: How myBurgerLab and Atas Angin Adapt to the New Normal

Ren Yi and Arif Bam share their thoughts on the impact of COVID-19 challenges

Published on 1 June 2021

With the rise of COVID-19 cases, yet another Movement Control Order or MCO 3.0 has been imposed. Similar to the previous iterations, the current ruling will once again impact businesses and even industries that may have already adapted to the ‘new normal’.

However, the new normal doesn’t just involve implementing SOPs and practising good hygiene. Businesses are now expected to respond quickly to volatile changes caused by the pandemic.

Popular gourmet burger joint myBurgerLab is one of the businesses that seem to be adapting well to the changes. myBurgerLab introduced a few measures to ensure that their customers are still able to experience the restaurant’s tantalising offerings in the comfort of their own homes. Regardless of the challenges, myBurgerLab acted swiftly to keep the engine running and thrive in these uncertain times.

Another homegrown company worthy of mention is lifestyle and event organiser Atas Angin, which is the first to organise an SOP-compliant show after the first MCO. The group also organised a few online gigs — supplying lifelines to musicians, clothing vendors and entrepreneurs behind closed doors.

We spoke with the co-founder of myBurgerLab Ren Yi and the head honcho of Atas Angin Arif Bam about what it takes to survive in the new normal. Watch here:

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