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[VIDEO] Hopes for 2021: Honest Opinions from Hardworking Malaysians

How COVID-19 is shaping our daily lives and more

Published on 24 February 2021

2021 has proven to be quite an eventful journey so far. From the floods that impacted states like Johor and Pahang to a renewed implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO), the start of the year has been a challenging one for most Malaysians.

As you navigate the days and weeks ahead, take a deeper look at some insights shared by fellow Malaysians. Their stories show that if we play our part and band together, we can emerge victorious against obstacles that come our way.

Adam Zainal, a freelance film and series director, feels that the pandemic definitely changed the landscape of his industry. With the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) strictly implemented, ensuring the safety of his film crew becomes a priority. Despite facing the challenging task of managing a large number of people, it is interesting to see how the industry manages to adapt and progress through thoughtfully crafted production of shows and skits that were filmed at home, like Yusry Abdul Halim and Lisa Surihani’s latest telemovie 6 Hari.

The same goes for songstress and guitarist Shazwani Zulkiffli, or better known as Nani Zul, who was forced to postpone and cancel scheduled shows during last year’s MCO. The music industry was hit badly as even international events such as Rockaway Festival and Good Vibes Festival had to be rescheduled to a later date. However, the creatives found ingenious solutions to their problems. They experimented with various ways to enable them to play live music, even if it means performing in front of moving cameras instead of a live audience.

Another industry severely affected by the pandemic is the education sector. Teachers, students and parents are forced to recreate the classroom experience at home. The biggest challenge falls on the shoulders of the teachers who need to cater to the needs of children from different backgrounds. Nazira Lee, a primary school teacher, reveals that it is possible to keep on educating young minds by using the existing tools around her.

The question remains: will 2021 be the year that turns the tide? Let’s find out together. Watch the video below to see what these everyday heroes have to say:

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