[VIDEO] How Periwinks Flowers Creates Long-Lasting Batik Bouquets - Jiran

[VIDEO] How Periwinks Flowers Creates Long-Lasting Batik Bouquets

This home-based florist reimagines and celebrates the beauty of dried flowers with its bespoke creations

Published on 24 March 2022

Periwinks Flowers founder, Ain Nawwarah Mohamad (fondly known as Anna) dares to be different and succeeds in developing a style that is uniquely her own. While she does offer traditional fresh bouquets, Anna also actively showcases the versatility and durability of dried flowers through her intriguing floral arrangements.

Redefining the beauty and purpose of dried flowers is what she does best. Anna’s passion clearly shines through as she explains and demonstrates how these underrated blooms can be transformed into cherished gifts. Draw inspiration from her story and watch as she creates Periwinks Flowers signature Batik Bouquet:

Interested to see more of Anna’s batik-inspired floral designs? Check out Periwinks Flowers on Instagram.

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