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[VIDEO] How yellowCHAT Can Help Empower Your Business

An important digital tool to streamline communication with customers

Published on 22 October 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic poses various challenges for businesses to address. Continuous lockdowns across the globe require retailers to shut their doors, but consumers still needed a way to reach the brands they use and interact with every day. Due to the need to go remote, digitisation took the front seat, and the service demand shifted online, calling for seamless online support to customers with limited resources. 

To address the need to communicate with their customers, many companies have turned to chatbots. Pre-pandemic, chatbots had already exemplified their capabilities in handling multiple customer service queries and improving customer experience through instant replies. They also excel at automating repetitive tasks. 

Chatbots are essentially software programs that can be rule-based or use natural language processing and artificial intelligence (AI) to understand human wants and direct users to the desired outcome with the least effort from the users. All in all, chatbots offer a more natural way to communicate with consumers in the rapidly changing environment caused by the pandemic.

Chatbots do not need to take breaks, which makes them readily available all the time to help out consumers with instant responses in real time. These chatbots can perform with the same accuracy and efficiency irrespective of how many times the users raise a query because they have the advantage of never tiring out.

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Local businesses have been under constant pressure to not disrupt customer experience and keep the communication with them intact. Many companies were already adopting chatbots as a mode of customer service, while some retail companies had to shift to a complete online-only model. Messaging apps coupled with chatbots quickly became popular to provide reliable and quick answers. Increasingly, AI chatbots also provide more context with machine learning capabilities.

Recognising the growing need for chatbots and AI chatbots for newly digitalised businesses, Yellow Pages formed a strategic collaboration with YesHello to introduce their innovative service, yellowCHAT to the Malaysian market. This collaboration is aptly timed as more companies need to keep up with current business landscapes. 

yellowCHAT’s mission is simple: to empower small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country to grow bigger, scale faster, and be more efficient. yellowCHAT is a cloud-based software that manages communications between businesses and customers across various platforms. Most importantly, there is no coding, no extra hardware and no set up required. 

It can help businesses engage, gain more leads and organise chats from multiple communication channels like Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, email, web, and more from one platform in just a few clicks. The best part? It is suitable for SMEs of all sizes!

There are three packages that cater to what a specific business can afford. Prices start from as low as RM79 to RM799 for varying SME needs.

For a handy overview of what yellowCHAT has to offer, watch this video:

Ready to get started? Find out more about yellowCHAT here. Alternatively, you can request a demo via admin ypchat@tm.com.my