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[VIDEO] Sew to Speak: Where Words Fail, Embroidery Speaks

Trace the journey of Hoops and Rainbows to learn that you don’t need to jump through life’s hoops to achieve your dreams. Sometimes doing what you love is all it takes!

Published on 10 February 2022

Farah Farzana was a travel writer when COVID-19 hit. Needless to say, the outbreak had a profound impact on her career. However, as a chapter closes, another one begins. Far from letting herself become another casualty of the pandemic, Farah embraces embroidery as her creative outlet and a way to communicate her feelings.

Today, her passion for producing custom hand-embroided pieces has evolved into a business of her own. Watch this video to draw inspiration from the skills Farah has honed, and follow the story of how Hoops and Rainbows came to be:

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