[VIDEO] Up Close and Personal with Zafrul Azman, CEO of Gloria Jean’s Coffees - Jiran

[VIDEO] Up Close and Personal with Zafrul Azman, CEO of Gloria Jean’s Coffees

In this exclusive interview, he shared insights on their loyalty programme (Chop Chop), franchise opportunities and more

Published on 15 January 2021

Since the early 2000s, Gloria Jean’s Coffees has been a staple coffee establishment in Malaysia. It satisfies coffee cravings among locals especially those rushing for a quick cup before work in the morning. Over the years, Gloria Jean’s Coffees has grown into one of the most sought-after coffee chains in Malaysia.

Originally, the brand’s story started in Chicago, Illinois and expanded further in Australia, where the business turned into a franchise chain and flourished. Here in Malaysia, Gloria Jean’s Coffees is managed by Wonderful Lifestyle Sdn Bhd led by Zafrul Azman Mohamed Azraai, the Chief Executive Officer who’s changing the game for the gourmet coffee chain.

Having been at the helm for only 18 months, Zafrul Azman has already made some notable strides including a dashing and more minimalist new look for the brand alongside the addition of new outlets around the country. Furthermore, a new digital loyalty programme, namely Chop Chop from Nexlife was launched to reward customers for purchasing products from Gloria Jean’s Coffees.

The Jiran team got up close and personal with the man himself as we sat down with him at his newly rebranded store at Institut Jantung Negara (IJN), Kuala Lumpur. Surrounded by other eateries, it was obvious that the Gloria Jean’s Coffees outlet is the cream of the crop as customer traffic was quite heavy during our time there. Zafrul, with his casual and friendly yet charismatic aura, recommended signature items from the menu and named a few of his personal favourites.

“My favourite coffee here is the Irish Nut and if you enjoy it with a plate of Chocolate Cake, wow, you’ll get a pretty good pairing right there,” he revealed.

Zafrul Azman may hold one of the highest positions at Gloria Jean’s Coffees, but his demeanour is akin to your everyday down-to-earth man. Generous with smiles and laughter, we caught him greeting and speaking to customers multiple times as we were setting up our cameras.

“The best part of my job is having the opportunity to allow Malaysians to run and manage an internationally acclaimed specialty coffee chain, right here in Malaysia,” said Zafrul proudly. This is in line with his wish to help his fellow countrymen thrive in the entrepreneurship sector.

Starting from 2021, Gloria Jeans Coffee’s customers will be able to redeem a choice of either free coffee or cake or pastry for every 10 stamps collected under their digital loyalty programme, Chop Chop from Nexlife.

With Chop Chop, all you coffee lovers and dessert enthusiasts will no longer have to worry about spilt coffee or cake crumbs staining your paper stamp cards. Every stamp you need is now readily available via this single digital stamp card app in your mobile phone.

Craving for some deliciousness throughout your day? Check out our coffee chat with Zafrul Azman in the video below!

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