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Welcome to the Neighbourhood!

Your content creation journey starts here. Anything from hidden gems, neighbourhood heroes and even ghost stories!

Published on 2 December 2020

[Jiran x MMU]

Jiran.com.my is a new hyperlocal platform that showcases neighbourhood stories and news. We would love to hear yours! Who knows, your amazing content might just go viral.

The MMU x Jiran campaign aims to help students like you amplify your incredible stories to the masses. Not a student? Don’t worry, you can join too!

So, tell us about your campus, best experiences, even about your favourite lepak places and local neighbourhood heroes. If the subject has a unique story, we would love to feature it. We also encourage neighbourhood journalism and best if your story comes together with media like a video or photos so the audience can enjoy the content as well.

Why should you participate?

This is the time you can help promote yourself, your values, your local gems and neighbourhood heroes! Let the whole country know how awesome your neighbourhood is by submitting your stories to us.

How to submit your story?

Step 1: Create your story

Step 2: Submit your story to jirandigital@gmail.com or Jiran Facebook (@kitajiran)

Step 3: Reshare your content if it gets shortlisted.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What kind of stories can I share?

Jiran is all about neighbourhood journalism. You can share stories about people, hidden gems, best makan spots, horror stories, fun facts about your area or even your ‘unique’ experiences with your neighbours.

2. Should my content be in any particular language?

Currently, we only accept stories written in Bahasa Malaysia & English. This will help us to reach to more audience in the country.

3. How do I submit my story & materials?

You can submit your story to jirandigital@gmail.com or Jiran Facebook page. Please include the necessary links to your materials as well!

4. Unfortunately, I don’t have a DSLR and I can’t edit videos. Can I still contribute?

Neighbourhood journalism values a story’s potential more than the delivery quality. Since that’s the case, we encourage you to contribute by taking photos and videos using your smartphone!

5. Can I just submit photos or videos without a write-up?
Yes, no problem. Just write a small caption about the story and we’ll help you with the steps.

6. Can foreigners contribute stories too?

We welcome everyone to the community. You can share your views about Malaysia, including your favourite hidden gem spots, best places to hang out & many more.