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Yellow Pages Malaysia Introduces New Modules for Career Development and Business Advertising

The addition of Hire Me and Buy & Sell makes Yellow Pages the one-stop shop you’ve been searching for

Published on 24 February 2022

One of the key reasons people use a specific product or service is the convenience it offers. However, many brands fail to hit the mark in providing a one-stop-shop experience for their customers. Navigating through different platforms to meet customer needs is a chore. There is hardly a service that can single-handedly introduce a trustworthy plumber and a local eatery in one place — until now.

Introducing Hire Me and Buy & Sell from Yellow Pages Malaysia

Yellow Pages has once again found a solution to continue providing Malaysians with answers to all their needs and queries under one roof. The brand continues to push the limits of directory listing services and multiplatform advertising through its latest modules:

1. Hire Me — a feature to publicly list yourself for job opportunities

2. Buy & Sell — an advertising platform for local businesses

What can Hire Me do that other job sites can’t do?

Many job sites are popular for committing themselves to professional networking and development. When diving deeper, we find that they are difficult to use and time-consuming to understand. Moreover, these sites will not give you all the functions offered unless you pay a premium price for their services.

jiran Yellow Pages hire me

Hire Me on the other hand is hyperlocalised for Malaysians. You don’t need to upload résumés or go through mountains of paperwork. You just must be 18 years and older with a valid phone number and email address.

It really is that simple! Upon registration and approval, you can start to advertise and post on a page that is made by you, for you.

Whether it is a part-time job or a freelance project, you can state information like your availability, expertise and pay rates, making negotiations much easier and more straightforward.

Buy & Sell is the future of affordable online advertising

Because of how Internet algorithms work, you may find yourself struggling to promote your business effectively. There are also times when you need to reduce your marketing budget, which could narrow the reach and engagement for your business.

jiran Yellow Pages buy sell

Turn the tide in your favour. Looking for a FREE platform to meet your shopping needs? Put up your retail products, your pre-loved items, or the services you offer right on Yellow Pages.

Make your presence known in cyberspace when you publicly list your business on Yellow Pages Buy & Sell.

With free registration, your business is automatically part of a bigger community of brands, enabling customers to seek you out with ease.

Benefits for existing Yellow Pages members

Existing Yellow Pages users won’t need to worry. If you already listed your company profile on Yellow Pages, you don’t have to set up a new account for Buy & Sell. Simply use your current account to promote or highlight your company’s products and services, and feature advertisements too. You can post everything on a single platform rather than doing it separately. It’s so convenient and easy!

jiran Yellow Pages buy sell guide

Not a Yellow Pages member? No problem! From handmade baked goods to crafted accessories, new users can simply register their products with Buy & Sell and effortlessly tap into Yellow Pages consumer base. This way you’ll create another avenue to run promotions for your products and services which is a big advantage, especially if your company doesn’t have a big advertising budget.

Be sure to actively update your profile so your customers can always look forward to current information about your company.

To summarise, whether starting a business or changing your career, Yellow Pages is ready to provide you with variety, equal opportunities and exposure from a single place. This one-stop hub allows you to access all of its services with only one account.

Now, with Hire Me and Buy & Sell, Yellow Pages empowers you to reach your true potential by standing on the shoulders of giants. As a trusted platform with a culminated brand strength of more than 30 years in Malaysia, Yellow Pages opens exciting possibilities for homegrown businesses and talents alike.

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